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Counterfeits AS6081

What does it take to handle fraudulent components and parts? Either if you are the supplier or the person/company buying and accessing them. The answer to this question depends on the company you have and the industry it is part of. For Aerospace companies, several standards apply in order to combat or fight off counterfeit components and parts.

Before continuing, standards and ISOs are quite specific in their goals and purposes. What we are trying to say with this is that every standard has a function and specific area of expertise—to make it simple—and it is necessary to implement the right one that goes well with your ISO needs. In the case of counterfeit parts, you also need to determine which specific components you are dealing with.

After all, there are over a dozen standards that are for the area of fraudulent components in the Aerospace industry. But you don’t need to implement all of them even if your company is focused on producing and fabricating components. Instead, you need to implement and get certified in the ones that are for the parts you fabricate, your ISO needs—very specific ones—and your company’s goals.

Most companies that are trying to implement ISOs have a hard time trying to decide not only what they need but also, how they are going to meet all the requirements in each one of them. Some standards are also mandatory, so besides having to implement those that can improve and boost your company in specific areas and elements, you also have to deal with the regulatory ones.

It can take a lot of work—we are more than aware of this—, but with the proper organization and guidelines, it shouldn’t be a problem to deal with—at least—a few ones. This is the case with Counterfeits AS6081, which takes us to the main topic we were discussing at the beginning: dealing with fraudulent components.

This standard focuses on dealing with the large number of fraudulent parts that enter the supply chain of the Aerospace industry.

Which we all know is quite delicate and important to deal with in order to avoid issues and future problems with the final results that companies and people overall obtain from using these parts. Counterfeits are always a nuisance despite the company or industry we focus on.

Therefore, you can understand why it is important to deal with them and find an effective and cost-efficient method to fight it off. In the case of Aerospace companies, this is the best one when they manage electronic parts, either if they produce them or have to acquire these components for their future fabrications or use.

Several benefits come from implementing AS6081 properly, and getting certified guarantees clients, customers, and everyone in the country, that your company can identify or distribute fraudulent parts.

Is it mandatory?

Since companies that are parts distributors are the ones in need of implementing it, it turned out to be regulatory over time. Originally—and this is something that can be argued—, AS6081 wasn’t a mandatory standard since it comes from other ISOs.

Besides, you might be familiar after starting your research with other standards that aim for similar requirements and goals like this one. However, dealing with electronic parts and the fraudulent numbers of them in the supply chain started to be a smaller issue when implementing Counterfeits AS6081 gained popularity.

This only led to the need of implementing it as a formal regulatory standard which only brings benefits to the company. Now, what are these benefits? Discussing them is quite extensive since it isn’t only about avoiding counterfeit components but also detecting them and acquiring parts in case you need them.

Therefore, the number of benefits is quite large but we assure you that all of them are useful for your company if you are the distributor. We have mentioned before in other articles that companies that play the role of the buyers or customers also gain something from implementing it even when they don’t need it.

For example, being able to detect the fraudulent components and knowing the sources where they can search them is only the start and major benefits for them. This shows you there’s a lot you can gain and obtain from AS6081, and how extensive the topic itself is. Now, how can your company get familiar with it and start to implement it? By looking for a validated company or organization.

There is a lot of information to process

This is a statement every single one of our clients has made once they start to get familiar with any ISO but especially, with this one. After all, it involves many parameters and requirements that aren’t easy to meet due to all the elements included. Being able to detect fraudulent components alone isn’t simple, imagine having to add more requirements and aspects to be able to do this and more.

This is why the company you will get certified with plays a more important role than you think. This organization or validated company should also provide support for your company to meet every element in the document.

Especially if it is as extensive as the AS6081 normative. We at ISO Pros can help you with the entire procedure just as we help many companies from different industries. In the case of Aerospace, we are familiar with the ISO 9001 and ISO 9120, which are quite related to this particular one and sometimes, considered to be created from them till a certain point.

However, we consider the standard is more than created from them but a rather good addition to building up the other two. Therefore, you could think about it in this way: we can help you to have a better implementation and boost other ISOs you need to implement—or have implemented—since they are mandatory.

Or maybe were optional and you decided to go for them. This is why you should look at us as your certification distributors but also, supporters to meet every requirement on the document successfully.

When can you get started?

As soon as you want to. There is no limit or a specific time for you to start with an ISO standard, even when it is a mandatory one. You see, companies that don’t have a standard, will eventually need to implement it if it is regulatory, but they are not in the obligation of doing it since the beginning.

However, this only leads your company to have more problems in obtaining more business opportunities, clients, recognition and to improve and grow. At least, these are the major disadvantages of not implementing AS6081 soon. We never get tired of mentioning and reminding companies that implementing ISO standards is a good choice and option.

Therefore, they will not lose anything as long as they are implementing not only the right ISO but also, doing it properly. This is why we play an important role as well because the sooner and faster you implement a standard, the sooner you are able to experiment with all its benefits and you won’t spend as many resources as estimated. To make it simple, you can start and implement it at any moment.

But it is as simple as thinking than the sooner you start, the better. It is a lot you need to process and consider when you are going for a standard, and if you need time to think about it, the best decision is to do it as much as you can and have a good idea about what to do and how to do it. We encourage people to make quick decisions but also, to make sure they are going for the right choice.

We don’t want to force you to get to a decision based on what we tell you or, that you hurry way too much with the procedure. Implementing a standard, although it won’t bring disadvantages to your company, will require resources and time from you. Which you might need to invest in something more important for your company at the moment.

In a few words, just take the time to be sure of your ideas and needs. ISO needs are always different and you need to make sure that you have a good idea of them. Otherwise, you will be wasting time on something that is not necessary for your company or that you could be approaching more efficiently and effectively. All this takes us to the point that it is true ISO standards and all the procedures involved with them is a lot of work, but nothing you can’t handle if you go in the right direction.

What role do we play in all this process?

AS6081 is just like any other standard, and we assure you that its implementation won’t be any more difficult than any other you have implemented so far. Of course, the requirements and aspects will always vary, but the basic standard is quite the same. Our company knows how to manage all these aspects and make sure the implementation of the standard is done correctly.

To make this happen, we provide consulting, auditing, and support services that are handled for our experienced and qualified auditors and experts. Just make sure to let us know in advance and allow our auditors to know your ISO needs. After all, we can’t help you unless we are aware of the aspects and elements that are either being an issue in your company or need to be added to improve it.

It is quite difficult to deal with everything, but we hope you can give it a chance and make the final decision of going for it. Counterfeits AS6081 are one of the best standards you can implement not only for being mandatory in any Aerospace company but also because the benefits you will obtain from it are more than outstanding. To contact us, you only need to fill the contact form we have available on our website—right below or in other sections—, or give us a call.

We also have an email address available for your inquiries, questions, and doubts—although filling the contact form is also an option for this—. We don’t have problems with answering all your questions even if that takes our expert hours to make it possible. Or if you prefer to make an appointment and have our professionals on it, you’re more than welcome.

Make sure to contact us now and for more information, we have several sections and crucial details on our website we’re sure you want to add to your knowledge. Especially if you want to have more information about AS6081 before its implementation and the entire procedure you have to go through.