Benefits-Counterfeits AS6081-ISO Pros #11

Benefits of Counterfeits AS6081

All standards and ISOs come with benefits depending on the company you implement them. And with the company, we are referring to the one that is in the industry the standard is aiming for. Unlike what most people believe—at the beginning, most of the time—, standards are not created for every company or industry.

There is one for a specific industry, for area or section of it, and even for the goal and needs of the company. In simpler words, you cannot use or implement the same ISO in each company unless it is the right one for it and goes well with your needs. In the case of AS6081, it is only for Aerospace companies that are in the section or area of fabricating components and parts to put in the supply chain for people and businesses in need of them.

This part of the business is usually the most relevant and needed one since producing aerospace parts isn’t easy but they are necessary and needed for several businesses that use them for the final product or result.

And just like other standards, it brings benefits when you implement it in companies with this goal: producing components and parts, and selling them. After all, the normative aims for reducing the number of fraudulent or counterfeit parts and components that enter the supply chain. 

Since it is hard to determine which company is reliable or not as the customer, ISO standard certifications help a lot with this purpose. And also, allow the companies that implement the standards to earn more relevance, recognition, and opportunities—which are considered to be benefits of AS6081 as well. 

However, you can only get certified and enjoy the benefits when you implement the standard correctly. 

For this, hard work and resources will be more than necessary, and of course, a reliable and very needed validated company that can provide you the certification can’t be missing. Our company, ISO Pros, provides ISO certification for AS6081 and supports you to meet the requirements in this standard. 

Our duty and job aren’t only assessing your company and determine if you meet every requirement in the document. Helping you during the implementation, auditing, and providing consulting options is also part of the things we have to do and like to offer as well. 

With this, you have one problem solved: the company you need to get certified. And we assure you that with the assistance of our qualified, experienced and validated experts, you will have to worry about how to take advantage of all the benefits from now on. 


What are the most relevant benefits of AS6081?

If you want to go for the major one, that would be to gain recognition in the industry and among all customers and clients that usually buy or acquire aerospace components or parts. After all, customers are the ones that worry the most about obtaining not only high-quality components but also safe ones that aren’t fraudulent.

This last part is even starting to be more relevant than the quality of the part due to the number of cases where buyers access counterfeit components. Therefore, we can say that the main benefit for you would be to be among the few companies in the United States to provide quality parts and also, make your customers trust in your and what you offer.

Now, Counterfeits AS6081 also has a direct influence on the supply chain since it will help you with:

  • Detection, mitigation, and disposition of fraudulent parts.
  • Reduce supplying and purchasing risks.
  • Standardizing requirements, practices, and methods.

One of the benefits that are considered to be the major one is to be able to respond to fraudulent electronic parts. Overall, your company will identify the fraudulent parts but also make sure that it isn’t distributing them. Some companies that aren’t the suppliers or manufacturers of the parts also decide to implement this standard for only one benefit: being able to identify the counterfeit components.

This saves them a lot of time and issues since the company is able to avoid acquiring fraudulent parts and instead, take measures about them and the supplier. In a few words, you can also implement this standard if you are an aerospace company looking for detection, mitigation, and disposition of the fraudulent parts. After all, this type of company and the one we have mentioned so far will obtain the benefit of identifying reliable sources to procure parts.

There is a lot involved in either acquiring or supplying aerospace components. Therefore, the standard can be more complicated than you originally thought.

What is the difference between this and other similar ISO standards?

Counterfeits AS6081 is a standard aiming for electronic parts only. Some standards such as AS5553C cover similar parts but with some additions as well. However, AS6081 is considered to be necessary due to the need for electronic parts for any company in the Aerospace industry. 

This is why we are sure that knowing if you need or not the benefits the normative provides won’t be a problem for you since it is quite functional and useful for anyone who decides to implement it. Just make sure to inform yourself about it before starting to implement it. 

Also, to hire a reliable company from where you can get certified, such as ours, ISO Pros. We will make sure your company is going in the right direction with the requirements and making the much-needed changes. 

To get more information about AS6081, every single benefit about it, and how it influences your company, make sure to contact us. We are available during these difficult times and ready to help you with the implementation you need. 

Also, you can rely on us whenever you decide to get certified in this normative. Just make sure to dispose of enough time, resources, and effort to start its implementation. 

Working with ISO standards is never easy nor quick, but we are here to make the procedure easier and faster.